28V4Ah Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


● Made of high-hardness manganese steel, with a blade length of 33cm, the cutting effect is good, saving time and convenience.
● The whole machine is made of PP engineering plastic, which is strong and durable.
● 5 levels of freely adjustable cutting 25-65mm height, 35L large-capacity grass collection box can be removed, suitable for green lawn cutting work in various occasions.
● Using 30V3A fast charge design, it only takes 45 minutes to fully charge a battery, and the charger has 5 kinds of indicator lights to remind you to use more peace of mind
● Portable folding storage, smaller size and easier storage. No installation tools required, simple assembly.

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This is a lightweight / rugged / durable lawn mower with all the features you need. It can work on all types of grass and can cut harder, denser and taller lawns. And it’s quieter than a regular lawn mower, so thank you to those who insist on mowing on Saturday at 8 AM when neighbors will sleep in the rest of the world.

Product parameters:
Name: Lithium battery lawn mower
Idle speed: 3900 rpm
Grass collection capacity: 35L
Protection level: Class III
Cutting width: 330MM
Cutting height: 25-65MM
Cutting area: 75-150㎡
Shell material: high-strength PP
Motor type: Brushless motor
Battery: 4AH lithium battery
Charger: 30V3A
Use time: 20 minutes
Checklist: Lawn Mower x1, Gloves x1, Goggles x1, Blades x1

installation steps:
1. To lock the lower armrest, first rotate the lower armrest to the proper position, and then use the locking handle to lock the lower armrest.
2. Install the upper handrail, align the holes of the upper handrail and the lower handrail, then lock the handle through the hole and tighten.
3. Install the wire clip, and fasten the wire clip to each of the upper and lower armrests.
4. Install the battery, open the bottom cover of the machine, insert the battery into the card slot of the machine, insert the key next to it, and put on the straw basket.
5. To adjust the gear, first lift the handle up from the slot, hold it, and adjust it downward. The larger the number, the higher the height of the blade from the ground. When it is ready to protrude, then tighten the knob.
6. Double switch start, press the red circular button first to not loose, and then pull the crescent-shaped trigger to start the machine. After starting, release the round button, hold the trigger and push the machine to go.

1. Use distance of 5 meters: Except for users using the machine, other people, including children, pets are not allowed to approach, and the n




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