KJRJG Smart Cordless Lawnmower


● ✔[APP WIFI REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTION]: Through the APP wifi remote control command, you can realize directional walking mowing, obstacle avoidance, switch and other functions. Garden automatic mower for 800M2 -1300M2. Features: non-slip, non-slip, cordless, height adjustable handle, cover, self-propelled.
● ✔[AUTO RETURN TO CHARGING (LITHIUM BATTERY)]: The battery is low and the automatic return to charging mode is called non-contact electromagnetic induction charging. [Automatic rain protection]: Automatically returns when it rains. [Automatic obstacle avoidance]: Built-in automatic ultrasonic sensor detects obstacles in front and automatically avoids collision.
● ✔ [ADJUST CUTTING HEIGHT]: Open the flip cover and adjust the cutting height from 2.5 cm to 5.5 cm depending on the conditions of the lawn. 30 degree maximum slope. Intelligent safety detection: If the circuit load is overloaded, the robotic mower will stop working to protect the internal circuit.
● ✔[FEATURES]: You can “preset” the working time and rest time in advance, and the user can set the “anti-theft password” of the robot mower to prevent loss. The safety of the blade, when someone or an animal approaches the blade, the robotic mower will automatically stop.
● ✔[INTELLIGENT OPERATION]: The robot mower can control the wheel through the embedded intelligent software, forward, backward, left turn, right turn and other basic operations. Intelligent operation can be automatically adjusted according to different mowing methods. 1. Partition setting 2. Pressure sensor 3. Lifting sensor 4. Tilting sensor 5. Concavo-convex sensor 6. Rainfall sensor

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Type of battery:Lithium

Features: Non-slip, non-slip, cordless, height adjustable handle, cover, self-propelled

Display language: a total of 12 kinds.


0. Automatic charging

1. Emergency stop switch

2. Pressure sensor

3. Overload protection

4. Waterproof 15.LCD display

5.Subarea settings

6.Lift sensor

7. Tilt sensor

8. Range function

9.Bump sensor

10.Rain sensor

11.WIFI remote control

12.Mowing schedule


Coverage (for once charging):800m2±20%

Working capacity:2600m2±20%

Average working time:≤3hours

Battery capacity:6.6Ah

Net weight:18KGS

Charging time:≤3 hours


Coverage (for once charging):1300m2±20%

Working capacity:3600m2±20%

Average working time:≤4 hours

Battery capacity:13.2Ah

Net weight:19KGS

Charging time:≤5 hours


Virtual wire maximum length/diameter:600m/0.5mm

Standard virtual wire length/diameter:100m/0.5mm

Mower size:60*46.5*26.5cm(LWH)

Rated Power:85W(average)


Qty for cutting blades:4pcs

Cutting height:2.5-5.5cm

Cutting width:28cm

Cutting speed:35m/min

Cutting motor:Brushless

Blades rotate speed:3000Rpm

Hill capability:30degree Max slope

Max ambient functioning temp:40℃

Cutting height selection:manual adjust

Bump sensor:(side and front)

The package includes:

Waterproof charger*1;

Virtual line 100 meters * 1;

Pegs (100pcs)*1;

Virtual wire connector *10;

Charging station*1;



User Manual*1;




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