24V Cordless Mower With Battery And Charger


● ABS housing, durable. Low vibration and noise, security key, double switch.
● 25-liter large-capacity straw bag, cutting height adjustment lever can be adjusted 30-65mm.
● 32cm rotary blade with wrench, easy to install parts.
● 24V high-capacity battery, removable and rechargeable.
● Portable and practical lawn mower suitable for all kinds of grass lawn mowers, suitable for football field lawn / villa lawn / park green lawn.

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This is a lightweight / rugged / durable lawn mower with all the features you need. It can work on all types of grass and can cut harder, denser and taller lawns. And it’s quieter than a regular lawn mower, so thank you to those who insist on mowing on Saturday at 8 AM when neighbors will sleep in the rest of the world.

Product parameters:
Voltage: 24V DC
Machine speed: 3850 rpm
Cutting length: 320mm
Adjustable gear: 6 gears
Cutting height: 30-65mm
Grass box capacity: 25L
Power option: original battery
Charging time: 3 hours
Use time: 15-20 minutes

Start the machine: insert the security lock into the keyhole
Start the machine: Press and hold the self-locking push button, and pull the lever switch back to the arm of the upper coupling tube to start the machine. At this time, you can release the self-locking push button.
Turn off the machine: just release the lever switch.
To adjust the height: press down on the crossbar on the machine, and then adjust the lever.
Take the battery pack: release the lever switch, pull out the safety lock, press the battery pack cover button, lift the battery pack cover up, and remove the battery pack from the battery compartment.

Notes for daily use:
1.The safety lock must be inserted at the bottom, and the LED LCD panel will display the power at this time.
2.When operating the lawnmower, you can see the power indication information on the LED display on the machine. When the display shows that the battery is exhausted, charge it in time.
3.Wear safety gloves during operation.
4.After shutting down, the blade will not rotate immediately. Please wait for the motor / blade to stop before restarting. Do not start frequently.
5.Overload protection system: This machine is equipped with an overload protection system. When the blade is jammed or the machine is severely overloaded, the overload protector will operate.




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