ZQKJLH Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


● 1) [Mower]: Rechargeable battery, fully charged for about 20-30 minutes, low noise and long service life. Cutting width 400mm, 7 cutting height (25mm-75mm) two-in-one smash collection.
● 2) [cordless portable]: no wire, light portable control; detachable 50L collection straw basket, save space, can be used repeatedly, high efficiency
● 3) [Adjustable, foldable]: The length of the armrest can be adjusted from the tool 3, adjustable and folded to save space.
● 4) [Motor]: High-performance brushless motor, small size, high power, high efficiency, stable performance, experiments show that the life of the motor can reach thousands of hours.
● 5) [Battery]: Large capacity. Long battery life, four-fold intelligent protection: over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, charge and discharge protection

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Product Information:
● Cutting width is 400mm wide, 7 adjustable cutting heights (25mm-75mm), strong power and long service life.
●Wireless control, light and portable; detachable 50L collecting straw basket, saving space, can be used repeatedly, and extremely efficient
●High-performance brushless motor, small size, high power, high efficiency and stable performance
● Large capacity of the battery. Long battery life, four intelligent protection: over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, charging and discharging protection

Product Specifications:
Motor type: brushless motor
Battery capacity: 4Ah/5Ah
One charge usage time: about 20-30 minutes
No-load speed: 3000r/min – – 3500r/min
Cutting width: 400 mm (15.7 inches)
Single knife 7 cutting position: 25–75 mm
Grass Catcher: 50L
Charging time: about 120 minutes
Weight: 10 kg (352 oz) (22 lbs)

Content includes:
Lawn mower: x 1
Blade: x 1
Charger: x 1
Battery: x 1
Installation tool: x 1

1. Do not use the machine if the grass is wet or dry.
2. Do not stand on one side of the process, do not hit hard objects.
3. The machine is cleaned after use to extend its life.




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