Aerotek GRF Cordless Lawn Mower


● The three-in-one function can be used for overlay, post-packing and post-discharging functions.
● Cutting width 46cm, 60 litre grass box, cutting height 35-92cm
● Two car batteries (automatically switch once the first battery is exhausted), allowing you to run for up to 70 minutes
● The “Smart Mowing” technology automatically adjusts the speed and power of the motor to suit different mowing conditions, such as long grass, wet grass, and hard grass.
● The package includes two 2Ah batteries and a charger

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If you are tired of using different batteries and chargers for all of these different gardening tools, then we can provide a solution. We designed the X2 series of fast-charging batteries for use with the entire Aerotek X2 series of garden series power supplies.

It doesn’t take a long time to fill the petrol, and it doesn’t take time and effort to maintain the engine, and you don’t have to mess with potentially dangerous wires. Simply plug in the powerful X2 Series 40V Li-Ion battery and then mowing the grass at the push of a button – no need to pull the starter line or fight it.

With the oversized 60-litre grass box, you can get more lawn mowing in less time, while the larger 40 cm mowing area is closer to the edge. You can even use a lawn mower with a cover attachment to truly nourish the lawn with ultra-thin, nutritious chips. With a single height adjustment lever instead of four height adjustment levers, you can adjust the cutting height, making it ideal for cutting short grass or long grass. Most importantly, the brushless motor completely reduces maintenance, which means that once you’ve done the job that makes the lawn look great, you’re done. Once complete, it can be easily folded for compact storage in a shed or garage.

Why not add spare batteries, let you cut grass for longer, and easily deal with larger lawns? Spare blades are also available.

* The operating hours of time and square meters depend on the health of the battery, the ambient temperature, the length of the grass, the moisture content of the grass, the health and sharpness of the blade, and the walking speed when mowing.




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