Bosch INDEGO 400 CONNECT Cordless Robotic Lawnmower


Bosch INDEGO 400 CONNECT 18v Cordless Robotic Lawnmower 190mm 1 x 2.5ah Integrated Li-ion

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The original Bosch Indego lawnmower was an award winning product which was designed and developed in the UK; released in 2013, it made use of intelligent Logicut navigation software to ensure efficient mapping and cutting, mowing in parallel lines for a perfect finish while being autonomous enough to avoid obstacles and return to the charging dock to replenish batteries by itself. The latest incarnation of the series consists of three new models, the Indego 350, 350 Connect and 450 Connect. Superficially extremely similar, the part numbers of these machines refer to the size of lawn they are designed for, with the 350 models suitable for lawns of up to 350 metres squared and the 400 capable of mowing larger lawns up to 400 metres squared.

The Indego 400 CONNECT has wireless data transfer capability which enables additional smartphone and tablet connectivity options. Connecting to your device is a simple case of scanning the QR code on the outside of the box, installing the free app, registering some basic details and then scanning the QR code on the mower to complete the process. Once connected to the Indego, users can benefit from remote management and control functions as well as access to Bosch support services and software updates. The Indego 400 CONNECT can be paused, started or sent back to the docking station remotely; it can also be disabled, ie in the event of theft. The app also provides an easy and intuitive way to setup cutting schedules via the included calendar, or use the Bosch Auto Calendar function, which recommends a calendar suited to your lawn size. If an alert requiring your attention occurs, the app will notify you; additionally, the included lawn map and statistics functions make it easy to check on progress and remaining schedules.

The Indego 400 CONNECT has an integrated 18v 2.5ah lithium ion battery and benefits from an intelligent auto charging system, enabling the mower to get on with cutting tasks unaided. Able to complete




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