Greenworks Twin Force 40 V Cordless Lawn Mower


● 1 x 40 V high power Lithium Ion Battery 4 Ah
● Cut up to approx. 600 M² capacity with 1 battery charging
● Double Knife

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Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower Twin Force 40 V incl. Battery and charger, cutting width 45 cm Battery for 10 tools you a way to improve your efficiency working outside in the garden, with the G Max 40 V Lithium Ion range of granular lawn care devices. This Austauschfähige battery system gives you all the tools you need to care for your garden, without sacrificing performance or strength. With a fast charge time of 120 minutes for a range of 4 Ah battery, is the new Greenworks g Max Lawn Care devices an excellent choice, if you are Benzinbetriebenen products Replacement for the original item. With the simple and easy-to-use snap-fit and the innovative charging status display provides the battery Stable performance throughout all stages of life. From Mowing and Kantensch cutting to trimming and bubbles, you can use your whole gardening with just a rechargeable battery system with that you have the power and performance doing the job of bringing quickly and efficiently. * 1 x 40 V High-capacity lithium ion battery 4Ah * * Double Knife * Up to 600 m² cutting performance with battery charge x 45 cm; Max. cut areas * 25 cm Rear Wheels, 18 cm front wheels * With Collection Bag 50 Litre * Height Adjustment in 7 positions of 2.8 cm up to 7.6 cm * Smart environmentally friendly performance up to 5000 U/min




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