Cordless Electric Lawn Mower With Lithium Battery And Charger


● Effective lithium battery: original lithium battery, charging overload protection, recycling.
● Real material: Adopt ABS engineering plastic, reinforced base and double-layer casing, which brings a solid shell to the fuselage. 42cm long blade, wide cutting range, high efficiency and labor saving.
● Bronze motor: Brushless induction motor, powerful heart. Low noise and long life.
● Ergonomics: plastic-covered handle, safety double switch, 6-level adjustment height 20-70mm, visual grass frame 50L.
● Gift: Buy this electric lawn mower as a free gift goggles / gloves / socket wrench / battery / charger. Foldable, easy to move, suitable for all kinds of lawns. This is a great gift for parents and friends.

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Colour: Battery X2

This is a lightweight / rugged / durable lawn mower with all the features you need. It can work on all types of grass and can cut harder, denser and taller lawns. And it’s quieter than a regular lawn mower, so thank you to those who insist on mowing on Saturday at 8 AM when neighbors will sleep in the rest of the world.

Idling speed: 3400rpm
Cutting diameter: 400mm
Adjustable height: 20-70mm
Adjustable gear: 6 gears
Grass frame capacity: 50L
Noise: 96DB
Operating time: battery x 1/40 minutes, charging time: 2 hours
Operating time: battery x 2/80 minutes, charging time: 2 hours
Checklist: lawnmower x1, gloves x1, goggles x1, blade x1, wrench x1,

Safe start method: 1. Press the circular safety button with your right hand, do not release it. 2. Hold the switch lever with your left hand and the machine will start. 3. After the machine starts, you can release the safety button and release the lever to stop the machine.
Tips for harvesting grass: the grass box is not full, the windshield lifts the wind baffle when cutting grass; the grass box is not full: when cutting grass, the windshield board is closed due to the mowing wind. (Need to clean up in time.)

Notes for daily use:
① Do not use the machine when the grass is wet or it has just rained. Usually, it is best to mow the grass at night.
② After using the machine many times, please pay attention to cleaning the grass dust inside the casing. You can open the case and clean the grass inside the motor to extend the life of the motor.
③ During use, if you feel the resistance is too large, or the speed of the blade is reduced, you can adjust the height of the mowing or press the armrest slightly upturned front wheel to restore the speed of the blade.
④ During use, please be careful not to hit hard objects, stones, etc. Do not stand by.

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