Stiga Combi 43 DAE Cordless Lawn Mower

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The eco-friendly STIGA Combi 43 SQ DAE cordless lawn mower is powered by a next-generation double battery that guarantees quiet operation, zero emissions and low maintenance. The STIGA cordless lawn mowers in the 500 Synchronised range are powered by two batteries that work simultaneously, balancing the different charges for more independence and a longer battery lifetime.

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Product Features

Battery-powered engine

This lawnmower is powered by a double battery which guarantees sufficient power, no emissions, limited noise and vibration levels and minimal maintenance.

Side discharge

The mower can be used in side-discharge mode using the chute included, blowing the grass clippings from the side onto the ground.

Grass collector

The hybrid bag makes it possible to collect up to 60 L of cut material. The indicator on the upper side is triggered when the bag is full.

Centralised adjustment of the cutting height

Thanks to the lever located on the wheel, the cutting height can be quickly set to 6 positions, from 22 to 65 mm.

Handle with integrated display and speed regulator

The ergonomic handle is equipped with an OLED 1.54″ display which lets you view the charging status of the battery, the speed of the blade and the Eco-Mode function. The speed regulator makes it possible to adapt the machine to the user’s pace.

Technical Details

  • The batteries and charger are NOT included and are available to purchase separately. The Combi 43 SQ DAE operates with a 41 cm cutting width and the cutting height can easily be adjusted to 6 different cutting height through a range of 22 to 65mm using a centralised lever.
  • Rear-wheel drive provides assistance for ease of use, whilst the electronic regulator lets you match the machine’s speed to your walking pace. This versatile cordless lawn mower can collect the grass clippings in the 70 litre grass collector or be used in side discharge mode, rear discharge mode or mulching mode, which finely shreds the clippings and deposits them on the ground as a powerful natural fertiliser.
  • The folding soft-grip handle features a 1.54″ OLED display for monitoring the battery charge level (shown in %), the speed and the activation of the Eco-Mode function. A window in the motor lets you see the battery’s LED charge. Recommended for use with two 4.0 Ah batteries. The batteries and charger are NOT included and are available to purchase separately. This model comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Stiga Cordless Lawn Mowers

Founded in Sweden in 1934 by Stig Hjelmquist, STIGA vaunts more than 80 years of experience in innovating consumer products. Today, STIGA is a well-known brand of lawn mowers and a wide range of powered garden equipment that is distributed in all Europe and beyond. Company : STIGA Limited Website : Address : Unit 8 Bluewater Estate, Bell Close Plymouth - PL7 4JH Telephone :+44 (0)800 669 6326 Email Company Registration Number : 01074935 VAT number : GB 760 5078 34
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