Warrior Eco Power Equipment Cordless Lawn Mower

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Warrior Eco Power Equipment Cordless Lawn Mower

  • Eco Friendly
  •  60v Battery Operated
  • 3 Year Warranty


Warrior Eco Power Equipment Cordless Lawn Mower

The new, environmentally-friendly Warrior Eco Power Equipment Cordless Lawn Mower is designed to give you reliable and convenient service for many years to come. The battery and charger are included with the Bosch City Mower 18 for and this offers you outstanding value for money.

The modern Bosch City mower 18 is a powerful cordless lawnmower and is compact and lightweight and therefore very easy to operate. Your garden will be easy to keep under control thanks to the efficient capabilities of the Bosch City Mower 18. The ergonomically designed ergo flex handles can also be adjusted to 3 different settings to allow you to choose the setting that feels comfortable.

Powered by an extremely efficient and hard-working 18v lithium-ion battery you are assured of super-quiet operation and therefore it is ideal if you need to work in a built-up or urban environment. Your neighbours will hardly notice as you glide quietly around your garden!

With a 34cm (13”) cutting width the Warrior Eco Power Equipment Cordless Lawn Mower is ideal in a variety of settings. Using a convenient central lever you can choose from 3 preset height of cut settings that range from 30 – 60 mm allowing you to choose the height to suit the task you need it for. The grass combs will ensure you of a neat and tidy finish when you are working up close to walls and edges.

Being powered by the dynamic 18v lithium-ion battery means that you won’t need to compromise on power. With an advanced battery management system, you will enjoy longer run times and efficient charging capabilities. A full charge should take just 240 minutes but an 80% charge takes just 120 minutes.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of cordless power with no sacrifices. You won’t need to worry about filling up with fuel and you won’t need to be anywhere near a power source. Cordless power is altogether cleaner, safer and more convenient.

The integrated carry handle means that moving and transporting the Warrior Eco Power Equipment Cordless Lawn Mower is easier than you might think. It weighs just 9.9kg and therefore is lightweight as well as being compact.

The fast charging Warrior Eco Battery can be used to power all Warrior Eco products, so you don’t need multiple batteries for multiple products. (With the exception of the Warrior Eco Lawn Mower which requires two Warrior Eco batteries). One Eco Battery Powers All Products.

Product Video

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Product Design

  • Metal iron chassis.
  • LED light.
  • Solid and safe.
  • Brushless motor with high power.
  • Self-propelled speed regulation.
  • Fast folding operation handlebar for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Automatic identification of dual battery pack system.
  • Working time: 30 min(2.5Ah battery pack).
  • Low noise.
  • Low vibration.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Brushless Motor For monumental power and superior performance.

Product Features

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  1. Brushless Motor

    For monumental power and superior performance.

  2. 2.5Ah BATTERIES

    Powerful Samsung Lithium Ion Batteries.


    Controls the pace of your cutting.


    Made for a longer lasting cut.


    Easily select multiple cutting heights of your choice.


    Robust design, lightweight and maneuverable. Rust free.

Product Technical Details

Motor Type Brushless (Internal)
Max Power Output 1500 watts
Rated Volt DC 60V Samsung lithium ion battery
Cutting Diameter 482mm (19″)
Cutting Depth 25-95mm (0.98 – 3.74″)
Height Adjustment 6 Levels
Self-propelled Speed 0-1.2 m/s
Speed Control Speed Control Dial
Bag Capacity 60 Litres (15.8 gal)
Grass Collecting Function 3 in 1 (grass / rear row / side row)
Wheel Diameter 8”/10” with dust proof LED lights.
No Load Speed 2800/3200 rpm, (Auto Adjusted)
Lithium Battery 2.5Ah
Charger 4A
Charging Time 40 minutes (2.5Ah)
Weight (incl battery) 28.5kg (62.8lbs)
Dimensions 1650 x 570 x 1130
(64,9 x 22,4 x 44,4″)
Warranty 3 Year
Certification CE/EMC


Warrior Eco Power Equipment

Warrior Eco Power Equipment cordless lawn mower. Address : Unit 1 Mitre Court, Cutler Heights Lane, Bradford, BD4 9JY, United Kingdom, Telephone: 01274 680 744 Website : https://www.cordlessgardenequipment.co.uk/ Cordless Lawn Mower Product Link : https://www.cordlessgardenequipment.co.uk/garden-tools/warrior-eco-battery-powered-lawn-mower/ Formed in 2019 and based in Bradford in the UK. They have a range of cordless garden tools with interchangeable battery.

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  1. admin

    Had this cordless lawn mower for a few weeks now and am really pleased with the product. Batteries last long enough to do the whole lawn in one go and recharge fast.

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